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What are the 10 best online games?

What are the 10 best online games
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I have selected for you the best online games playable in a web browser. No need to install anything or spend a dime, all titles are free and work on most browsers (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or Safari).

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1. Abobo’s Big Adventure

Make way for retro gaming! The game is a tribute to Double Dragon, the most famous “beat them all” of the Nintendo NES. You play Abobo, one of the villains from the original title, who seeks to find his son.

To achieve this, he will have to fight waves of enemies through levels largely inspired by the classics of the 8-bit console (Mario, Zelda, Punch-Out, etc.).

Abobo’s Big Adventure is identical to the gameplay of its model, and its careful design is faithful to the best games of the time.

Play Abobo’s Big Adventure.

2. Hattrick
Hattrick is a strategy game in which you lead a football team. Like LFP Manager and Football Manager, you will need to train your players and make the right decisions to defeat your opponents.

The title is particularly comprehensive and allows fine control over playing tactics, training, player buying, and club finances. You can even start a game with a youth team, and progress it each season.

The strong point of the game is its large community of players that you will face in cups, championships, or private tournaments.

3. Coma
Coma is a platform adventure game that is both poetic and dark. His hero, a young boy named Pete, wakes up alone in an unknown universe and finds his bird, Birdie, who tells him that his sister has been locked up by his father. He must then embark on a quest into the unknown to deliver her.

As you progress through settings that are sometimes dreamlike, sometimes scary, you will meet new characters that you will have to help by solving puzzles. Coma is only available in English, but it really deserves our attention as the storytelling and atmosphere are so successful.

4. Game of Bombs
An even more addicting and fun game than its model: Bomberman. In the original title, up to 4 players compete simultaneously on a two-dimensional map. They have bombs to destroy certain elements of the scenery, and to eliminate their opponents.

In this online version, the basics have been retained, but the game arena is much larger and can accommodate up to 1000 players.

To make the games even more fun, bonuses improve the power of the bombs and the movement speed of your character.

Play to Game of Bombs.

5. 2048
A title of extreme simplicity, but terribly addicting. Its principle is childish: on a grid of 4 rows and 4 columns, you can drag tiles to combine two by two those with the same numerical values.

For example, two tiles that have the number 2 merge into a tile that indicates 4. The object of the game is to reach 2048, but the game can continue beyond to reach the best possible score.

6. Canabalt
The first “endless runner” type platform game, but still just as effective. Your character runs faster and faster through scenery that moves horizontally.

The only possible action is the jump, it must be done at the right time and at the right height to avoid falling or hitting an obstacle and thus cover the greatest possible distance.

Play Canabalt.

7. Kingdom Rush Frontiers
Kingdom Rush Frontiers is a Tower Defense-type strategy game. You have to place buildings on a map to prevent your enemies from entering your defenses.

Each of your builds has unique characteristics that make them more effective against a certain type of opponent.

The entire aim of the game is to devise a plan for arranging and managing your soldiers during fights. The title is deserving of success and should be tried right away.

8. Zynga Poker
One of the most popular Texas Holds ’em games on Facebook. Pleasant, fully translated into French, Zynga Poker allows you to play for free on tables of 5 or 9 real players.

The title also offers 24/7 tournaments and challenges to win dummy tokens.

If you want to take the plunge and play with real chips, remember to check that the casino complies with current legislation. For more information, visit the free website dedicated to gambling in Belgium.

Play Zynga Poker.

9. Wonderputt
A very easy-to-learn mini-golf game that benefits from remarkable graphics, animation, and soundtrack. To make a stroke, you simply need to indicate its direction and power with your mouse.

The decorations in bright colors are magnificent, and an equally successful animation transforms them into a new course with each victory. Add a hint of humor to this for a headline you urgently need to try.

10. Pandemic 2
This is a clone of the popular strategy game Plague Inc. in which you must create and spread a disease that is to end mankind. The game offers different ailments which all have their specificities.

Whether you choose to play with a bacteria, virus, or fungus, the principle remains the same: the infection starts in a geographic area of the world, and when it spreads or kills, you earn points.

They can then be used to make your disease more contagious, more dangerous, or more resistant. At the same time, the health services will do everything to combat it.

You will therefore need to use strategy to achieve the most effective affection possible.

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