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The mayor of California and his relationship with Taylor Swift songs!

The mayor of California and his relationship with the song Tyler Swift!
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California sheriff’s deputy has gained global notoriety after a video emerged showing him playing a Taylor Swift song from Taylor swift albums on his iPhone in an unsuccessful attempt to get an activist’s video censored. The footage, on the other hand, was effectively published and went viral.

According to The Washington Post, James Burch and several activists went to the Alameda County courthouse in Oakland on Tuesday morning and recorded a conflict with a deputy. According to a YouTube video published by Anti Police-Terror Project, the deputy dug into his pocket for his phone and began playing Taylor Swift’s 2014 hit tune “Blank Space.”
Burch and the officer are seen arguing over the location of a banner in the footage.
“Are we having a dance party right now?” Burch inquired of the deputy. According to the video, the deputy refused and continued to blast music.
“You may record all you want,” the deputy stated when asked about the music. “I just know it can’t be shared on YouTube.”

YouTube has an automated copyright system in place that finds and removes unauthorized copyrighted content.

The video was shared on Twitter and later YouTube by Burch and his organization, the Oakland-based Anti Police-Terror Project, which claims to hold local law enforcement accountable. On Twitter, the video has been viewed over 800,000 times, and on YouTube, it has been viewed over 400,000 times.

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