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The best tips using aluminum foil. You can’t live without it!

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Have you really heard of these aluminum foil hacks?
Everyone has at least one roll of aluminum foil stashed away in a kitchen drawer. It’s great for packing lunches and baking things in the oven, but have you heard of these other clever foil uses? We’ve compiled a collection of them, ranging from housekeeping hacks to technical problem solutions. Do you already make use of all of them? You most likely will after reading this post!

Enhance your WiFi
We’ve all been there: you’re sitting in a corner of your garden, trying to view a movie or download a photo, but everything is moving at a snail’s pace. There’s a high possibility you’re right where the WiFi goes downhill. It’s a pain in the buttocks since you’ll have to get up and walk to the router to resolve the issue. However, guess what? With just a little aluminum foil, it will be a thing of the past. All you need to do is place a folded piece of foil behind the router. This redirects all of the signals that are flowing in the incorrect direction, making your signal stronger.

Cleaning pots and pans
Do you have a dirty pan that you can’t seem to get clean? You may have burnt something on it by mistake or just did not do the dishes soon enough. Often, soap and a dishwashing scrape aren’t enough to get rid of the grime, but aluminum foil just could help. All you have to do is mix a little baking soda with a little water in the pan. After that, you’ll clean it with the foil, and the spots will vanish like snow in the sun.

It’s not only panned that are simple to clean using foil. It can also help with the remainder of your filthy dishes.


Dishwasher-safe aluminum foil
This suggestion applies to anybody who owns a dishwasher. Knives, forks, and spoons, in particular, frequently come out still appearing unclean. The aluminum foil ball ensures that they are clean. Your silverware will appear brand new as a result of a chemical interaction between the foil and the chemicals in the dish soap. Isn’t it convenient?

Aluminum foil is incredibly handy for cleaning, but it is capable of much more. Strips of it can even be used to treat minor illnesses.


Do you have headaches, joint discomfort, or a cold? Aluminum foil is an excellent option. These issues will be resolved by covering your feet in foil, which may seem strange. Put it on your feet at night and sleep with it on. After a few nights, you should notice that the ache or cold has subsided. Isn’t it strange?

Did you already know all of the advice up to this point? On the following page, we might have something new for you. It’s straightforward counsel, but it’s excellent.

Cleaning the grates on a barbecue
You’re itching to start grilling again, but your grill is still filthy from the last time you used it? Cleaning that item may be a nightmare… However, if you use aluminum foil, this will not be the case. All you have to do is roll some foil into a ball and scrape it down. The burnt-on chunks of food will vanish like snow in the sun as a result of this.

A fantastic way to keep everything neat, just like the suggestion on the next page!


When pouring paint, this comes in handy.
Could your home benefit from a fresh coat of paint? Then, it would be a good idea to wrap the brushes and paint cans with foil. You’ll save yourself a lot of cleaning afterward. If you place a sheet of aluminum foil in the can before pouring the paint, you just need to remove the foil after painting, rather than cleaning the entire pan.

That saves a significant amount of time. It’s not even the first time that aluminum foil comes in useful when painting. Simply scroll down to the next page to see what we mean.


Some painting tasks are more difficult than others. Borders, for example, maybe happily marked off using painter’s tape. Painting around a doorknob or handle, on the other hand, is more challenging. Painter’s tape will not assist you much here, but aluminum foil will. Simply wrap a piece of foil over the doorknob and voila: no more concerns.


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