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Sprouted potatoes : Can we eat them?

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Potatoes are tasty and can be eaten pan-fried with other fruits and vegetables. To eat them, you can peel, steam or fry them. Find out if you can eat them while they are still sprouting.

Potatoes can be delicious au gratin with their tender flesh, sliced, fried, steamed or in a raclette. But sometimes these tubers sprout and cause problems in the kitchen. Fortunately, there is a solution for eating this moderate glycemic food.

What to do if the potatoes have sprouted?

In salads or sautéed, each variety of potato can enhance a dish for all your culinary desires. If you have a green thumb, you can have a vegetable garden and sow the seeds to have a large quantity at home. These foods with their high nutritional value can perfectly accompany a roast. Sometimes, if you have left them for a long time without cooking them, a germ may be apparent. Rest assured, you can still cook them despite this. Indeed, as declared by Aurélie Guerri, dietician nutritionist to Doctissimo: “If the sprouts are not very present and the potato remains firm, it is still possible to remove the sprouts as well as the green skin to be able to consume it”.

To begin with, the tubers must be peeled, cut in half and the toxic root must be removed. If it is imperative to proceed to this gesture, it is because the sprouted potato contains solanine, a toxin which can cause headaches and vomiting as well as digestive disorders.
When is the tuber unpalatable?

When you’ve failed to preserve potatoes, there may be times when the star ingredient of French fries may be impossible to eat. This is especially the case when you see a bloom of roots that no longer look like little bulbs. At that point, it’s a good bet that the new potato or other variety is wilted or mealy on the inside. Eating sprouted potatoes with exposed roots can put you at risk of diarrhea and indigestion. There is no need to put them in boiling water as they will undoubtedly be bad for your health. Fortunately, these toxin-ridden tubers can be used with some knowledge of system D.


How do I recycle sprouted potatoes?

If you have already noticed several inches of visible sprouts, you can use the potatoes for another purpose. You can use them to make a homemade household cleaner, stain remover or bleach and avoid waste. Most potato varieties contain starch, a compound that has bleaching and degreasing properties. If you want to take advantage of these foods for your household tasks, boil them and collect the cooking water. This liquid will serve as a homemade product once you let it cool. This natural detergent will help you scrub surfaces and get rid of the most stubborn stains with a cloth or a mop. An effective, economical and more environmentally friendly solution to be green even in the maintenance of your home.

What are the specifics of growing potatoes?

These flavorful foods are quite temperamental, much to the chagrin of gardeners. The reason? To thrive, potato plants need a climate that’s not too hot or too cold and moderate lighting. Once you’ve harvested them, you also need to take care to store them properly so they don’t sprout quickly. To keep them fresh, you will need to keep them in a dry, dark place like an attic. To help your potatoes stay edible as long as possible, take an apple and put it in the middle of your potato basket. This trick will help slow down the sprouting process to keep them healthy for as long as possible.

Why invite potatoes on our plates?

This tuberous vegetable, also called Solanum tuberosum, comes straight from South America and should be eaten often because it has many health benefits. The potato is a food that remains easy to accompany. Green beans, tomato, ham, grated cheese are all ingredients that you can add to create an original recipe for young and old alike. Potatoes are an interesting source of nutrition because they contain not only carbohydrates but also minerals such as magnesium and potassium. It is full of fiber, which is essential to fight against premature cell aging and the onset of disease. This complete vegetable to be integrated in a balanced diet provides many health benefits.

What are the benefits of these foods?

This potassium-rich vegetable provides diuretic benefits since it is full of water, especially when steamed. Furthermore, this study proves that eating boiled potatoes improves arterial stiffness in healthy adults. When cooked in the oven, it is rich in vitamin C, an element that provides tonus and vitality, a property to be favored in winter. If you are a fan of physical effort, this food is your ally since it contains energy that is slowly diffused in your body. Moreover, the minerals it contains are essential to the contraction of muscle cells. Those who condemn the potato during a diet to lose weight should beware, because it can be an ally if you do not prepare it fried. And for good reason, its richness in fiber provides a feeling of satiety essential to fight against untimely cravings between meals. It is also a remedy for the gastric pains. Moreover, the phenolic compounds present in potatoes improve the quality of carbohydrate digestion and the glycemic response.

Which varieties to choose?

To have a good production of potatoes if you grow them, you must offer them enough sun without suffocating them under the heat. Yields will be better if your soil is moist, rich in humus with a neutral pH. Chalky soil is not suitable for these vegetables to flourish and provide you with delicious meals. The advantage of growing these foods is that there are more than 120 varieties that can be adapted to the size, shape and quality of the flesh you want to enjoy. If your potato crop matches the soil conditions, you can prepare them in various forms such as porridge, homemade chips or simply add them to your salads. If you want to eat them as a melt-in-the-mouth treat, choose soft varieties such as pink-fleshed potatoes, which grow more slowly than yellow-fleshed ones. If you are fond of steamed tuber vegetables, choose new potatoes instead. Mashed potato lovers should choose later varieties. Those who love to accompany their dishes with crispy fries should choose charlotte, samba or bintje potatoes to satisfy their sweet tooth. Nutritionists will certainly choose the cultured ones with blue, yellow, red or purple flesh, which contain an interesting level of antioxidants, elements that fight against free radicals and provide numerous health benefits. If it is important to include potatoes in your vegetable basket, it is because they are a slow sugar that is easily absorbed by the body, which eliminates that characteristic feeling of heaviness after eating a heavy dish. Unlike refined sugars, potatoes do not turn directly into fat because they are well absorbed by the body. A convincing argument to use it at leisure in our plates! For those who think that potatoes are not suitable for slimming, think again. And for good reason, you can lose weight with this food.


How to prepare an original gratin?

This preparation adapted to several varieties of potatoes will impress your guests and is practical when you have little time. First, preheat the oven to 200 degrees Celsius. Next, prepare a sauce in a ramekin by pouring in two tablespoons of olive oil, two shallots, minced garlic and your preferred seasoning. If you’re not inspired, Espelette pepper, paprika, nutmeg, thyme, parsley and herbes de Provence can enhance the taste of your potato to make it a concentrate of delicate flavors. The second step is to wash and dry your potatoes with a clean tea towel and lightly score them. Place the vegetables in the baking dish and apply your sauce to them with a small brush. For more flavor, don’t forget to apply this preparation to the small cuts of your choice before sprinkling the dish with salt and pepper. Put in the oven and wait for 40 minutes. To check the cooking, you will have to check the oven every 10 minutes because each variety has particular cooking characteristics. When it is cooked, you will see that the slashes you made will have spread for a culinary result worthy of a chef! For a touch of spice, add a generous amount of paprika and a pinch of your favourite cheese.



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