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Quick & easy simple tricks to get rid of cockroaches in no time!

Quick & easy simple tricks to get rid of cockroaches in no time!
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Use these simple methods to get rid of these disgusting pests.
Cockroaches are unpleasant, and no one wants to come home to find one in their home. They make you feel more than simply disgusted. Roaches transmit bacteria that can be harmful to your health, and they can also contaminate your food. Furthermore, they appear to be impossible to get rid of. However, we’re here to assist you in resolving your cockroach issues!

cockroaches in the house

What you can do to get rid of them is as follows. 

Cockroaches are a common problem in many houses. The best environments for Roaches are warm, humid with a lot of food. That is why they are most commonly seen in the kitchen, however, they also enjoy other locations such as cupboards and drains. If you have a cockroach infestation, don’t ignore it. You don’t want cockroaches in your house because they can spread E.coli germs and cause salmonella. It’s ideal to seek expert help if you feel you’re in over your head, but we also have some advice if you prefer to go it alone first.

clean the house: This may seem self-evident, but keeping your house clean is critical if you want to get rid of roaches or avoid them altogether. They are attracted to food and dirt, which is why you should clean up after yourself and take out the trash on a regular basis.

Use hairspray:

A little goes a long way with hairspray. The roaches will be unable to move their legs and wings if you spray them with hairspray since they will cling together. They will suffocate and die slowly. If you don’t want to be too brutal, you can still apply the spray and then smash the roach once it’s motionless.

Leave bay leaves, behind you:

Roaches are repulsed by the smell of bay leaves. Bay leaves should be crumbled and scattered about your home. If you know where the roaches’ nest is, sprinkle bay leaves around it. They’ll probably pack their possessions and leave in search of a new home that doesn’t require them to move.

Cleanup with ammonia:

This fragrance isn’t as nice as the other methods, so you might want to try them first. However, if you don’t mind the odor, you might clean your countertops using ammonia. As a cleaning solution, combine two cups of ammonia with a pail of water. It will enrage the roaches.

Make sticky tape traps:

It’s a basic yet effective method. Purchase some high-quality sticky tape, such as duct tape. Place pieces of tape with the sticky side up around the house. Place them near the entrances where roaches enter the house (cracks, floorboards). Because cockroaches emerge at night, it’s preferable to do this before bedtime.

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