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What happens once you put the onion in your sock!

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Put the onion in your sock and see what happens!

We usually connect onions with weeping or making a delicious meal, which is understandable given how frequently we use onions in our cuisine. But did you realize you’ll be using onions for a variety of additional purposes? In fact, one onion is typically quite helpful in treating a variety of common illnesses.



Medical research has discovered that your foot has over 7,000 nerves that communicate with the rest of your body. That’s why placing an onion in your sock may be beneficial to your entire body, not just your feet. The onion will cleanse your entire body after you’ve placed it in your sock. It will be sucking bacteria and germs from your body, and because the skin of your foot is so thin, it will do so. The beneficial bacteria and chemicals are absorbed more quickly into your bloodstream. The onion also cleanses your blood in this way. when you’re sleeping, and everyone else! Continue to the next page to learn more about onions’ therapeutic properties.


Apparently, placing an onion in your sock before going to bed might help you avoid catching a cold faster. Because of their incredible healing powers, onions will help you feel better. Onions are recognized for their ability to absorb odors and improve air quality. Bacteria will be absorbed by the onion and your blood will be cleaned if you put an onion in your sock before going to sleep. It’s critical to use organic onions that haven’t been chemically processed.


Biological, unsprayed onions are required for this technique. If you don’t, the harmful substances will enter your bloodstream, which is the opposite of what you want to realize. Dr. Lauren Feder, a homeopathic specialist in Los Angeles, verifies onions’ therapeutic properties. The technique is said to help with colds, bladder infections, and other ailments. Infections, earaches, and toothaches are just a few examples. For a long time, the use of onions in medicine has been highly popular, particularly in China. It’s certainly worth a go! So, before going to bed, chop an onion in half and place it in your sock near your heel. However, it’s a good idea to wash your feet a little more in the morning…


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