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How much do the top Amazon affiliates earn per month?

Amazon affiliates earn
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I have been an Amazon affiliate for a long time so I think I can answer your question.

First – There is no such thing as Top Affiliates, nor does Amazon publish this data.

2 – Commissions as an affiliate depending on the level of product promotion and your choice of products. I have promoted products such as books, high-end cameras, microphones to software, and many others. While some convert very high, some are slow. It depends a lot on your promotional medium, your techniques, and your persuasion skills. I normally promote products via my blog posts and have not yet tried other platforms like social networks.

To date, I have made a lot of money using the Amazon program & affiliation marketing amazon.  I can’t go back to a monthly average because some months are very high on the graph. My monthly income goes from $2,000 to about $7,000. I even made $12,000 one time. Working on repeating those numbers.
As an Amazon affiliate, your income is based solely on you. There is a woman on Amazon who makes a million dollars a month as an Amazon affiliate. How does she do that, you may ask? She has built a quality website in the best “niches” of Amazon. She also has the ability to automate her business, which makes the hard work for her. She is very smart about affiliate marketing…

You can also get great results if you take the time to learn the “ins and outs” of how affiliate marketing is done. For example, there is a WP plugin that automates your business for you. What it does is, whatever “niche” product you are promoting, it automatically downloads all the top-selling products every 24 hours without you having to touch your PC. How cool is that? The best part is that it only costs $9.95. Yes, you read that right.

You also get master resale rights on the plugin so you can resell it. Oh, I forgot to mention – it comes with a sales page and a squeeze page already made so you can create a listing. All for a measly $9.95.

So, with that said, you can see how Amazon’s top affiliates make their “big bucks”. They use every tool at their disposal to automate their business so they can focus on other aspects of their business. This is how Amazon affiliates make huge payments on Amazon. Being able to maintain consistent visitors that turn into long-term buying prospects, as you are able to keep products fresh on a daily basis through automation.

Anyway, I hope I’ve said something here that will help and encourage you to take your Amazon affiliate business to the next level. “Cheers” Make money as an Amazon affiliate distributor!
Many Amazon affiliates earn thousands of dollars a month with the highest-ranked PPC Marketing and Advertising NetWork ad network.

You can advertise your amazon affiliate products on the top-ranked ad networks like standards or eLeavers.

I use NetWork Marketing and Advertising. This ad network is the cheapest and displays your affiliate product ads on several thousand websites.

This way, this network provides you with high-quality traffic to your affiliate link. This will make your products popular in many countries and many people will buy your product and you will get the highest commission.

You don’t need to waste your time on various SEO techniques and pay money for advertising with SEO companies.

You can save both your time and money. Here, you list your affiliate product for only $25. For every dollar, you get 1,000 to 2,000 real visitors.

This is really the cheapest compared to Adwords, Yahoo, Facebook. You can’t directly advertise your affiliate product either. You have to create a website or landing page.

But with studies, there is no website or landing page requirement, you can advertise your affiliate product directly.

So go to NetWork Marketing and Advertising and sign up as an advertiser.

Start your business successfully with the highest traffic and the highest affiliate commission.


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