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Here’s why you shouldn’t use your smartphone as an alarm clock!

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Our smartphones have become a kind of extension of our arms and we find it hard to live without them. We now use them for many tasks, such as applying for a job, looking for information, or finding a new home. We even feel that life comes to a complete stop when we break them or lose them. And waking up to them is a habit that almost everyone does these days, but there are some things that are important to understand before continuing with this very bad habit.

We like to share all the information that we think is useful with our readers, so today we are going to explain to you the different reasons why you should replace your smartphone alarm with a real alarm clock.
1. It affects the quality of your sleep

This happens mainly because we can’t stop checking our social networks or playing games on our phones before going to sleep. As a consequence, not only will our sleep duration be reduced, but the blue light emitted by the screen will also affect the quality of our sleep, and may lead to certain disorders.

2. It can disrupt your morning routine

Again, as soon as we have our phone in our hands, we automatically start checking our possible messages and emails. And of course, it always takes longer than expected, which then forces us to rush through some morning rituals that are far more important, and whose purpose is to get us in shape for the day.

3. The phone may run out of battery

Your smartphone alarm won’t work if your battery is dead. So if you don’t want to miss an important event, it’s best to use a real alarm clock. Even if you do your best to keep your battery charged, you may not always notice that your battery is almost dead by the time you fall asleep.

What do you think of this article? Do you use your phone’s alarm or a real alarm clock to get up in the morning? Leave a message in the comments, and share this article with the people around you!


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