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Here’s why you shouldn’t put a bell collar on your cat!

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You probably have a friend or relative who has a cat, and if not, you probably have one yourself. When we think of felines, we commonly associate their image with a bell collar. You can even find illustrations of this kind in children’s stories or cartoons. You can choose to buy this accessory to make your pet look nicer, but beyond its aesthetics, the use of this type of collar has harmful aspects for your best four-legged friend. At the end of the article, you will find a bonus with some alternatives to replace this object!

The disadvantages of using this accessory for cats, to know if it is really necessary to put one on your cat.
Why do we put them collars with bells?



-The cat is prettier: for many people, a cat with a bell collar is adorable.

-It is easier to locate: thanks to the sound produced by the small metal object, owners have an easier time finding their pet.

-It’s a warning to their prey: cats have a hunting instinct and are very quiet in action. When the victim is not a toy but an animal, the bell can warn them of an impending attack and give them time to escape.




The main reason why it is not recommended to use these accessories is because of your cat’s hearing.


Cats have very acute hearing and can hear sounds that are imperceptible to the human ear. This explains why they run to hide in your legs or under the bed at the slightest suspicious noise. If hearing noise all the time seems unbearable, imagine what your pet is going through.






It is important to specify that your feline will not be deaf if you make him wear a bell, but in the long term, the sound produced by this accessory could cause him a loss of hearing, because the collar is very close to his ears. To date, however, no study has been done to verify the rumors circulating on the web regarding the relationship between their use and the animal’s health, especially in terms of total hearing loss. As a precautionary principle, it is better to avoid endangering your pet’s health.


Bells can also make your cats nervous, stressed or uncomfortable

-Stress/nervousness: constant noise could conflict with the feline’s state of mind. Cats are animals that prefer quiet environments and peace and quiet. Constant noise can make them unnecessarily upset.

-Discomfort: Don’t be surprised if your cat tries to get rid of its collar at all costs. With something around his neck, he is much less free to scratch easily and move around quietly as he likes to do.

Bonus : par quoi peut-on remplacer le grelot ?

-Si ton chat a l’habitude de sortir de la maison et que tu ne veux pas le perdre de vue, tu peux utiliser un collier contenant une puce GPS. On peut également la placer sous la peau de l’animal pour ne pas le gêner du tout.

-Pour le localiser, tu peux également lui mettre un collier avec une plaque indiquant ton nom et ton adresse pour qu’on te le ramène facilement dans le cas où le chat se perdrait.

-Si le collier sert uniquement à rendre ton chat plus joli, enlève au moins la bille à l’intérieur du grelot de sorte à ce qu’il devienne silencieux et n’embête plus ton animal, ou trouve un autre pendentif qui ne produit pas de bruit.

Et toi, que penses-tu des grelots ou des colliers en général ? Penses-tu qu’il soit réellement nécessaire de faire porter de tels accessoires à ton animal ? N’hésite pas à nous donner ton avis dans les commentaires ci-dessous !


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