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Driver crashes into sign after spotting spider in car

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An Isle of Wight motorist crashed into a pole after spotting a spider in his car. The man was driving on Kite Hill, in Wootton, in the north of the island, on Monday when he noticed the crawling arachnid.

However, while trying to remove the spider, he took his eyes off the road and ended up crashing into a pole. Fortunately, he escaped with minor injuries.
In a Facebook post, Isle of Wight police said, “Our colleagues at the ARV have had a busy afternoon. They are currently dealing with this vehicle on Kite Hill in Wootton. So please keep this in mind as you drive by as traffic may be slightly slower until the vehicle is removed.”


“The driver was attempting to remove a spider from his vehicle at the time of this incident. We are happy to say that the driver suffered only minor injuries, but as always, please keep your eyes on the road as there are many distractions this time of year.”

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