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Yes, children can be affected by Covid-19! Latest News

Yes, children can be affected by Covid-19! Latest News
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The notion that Covid-19 has no effect on children is fading, thanks in part to a version that is more infectious than any we’ve seen before.
According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 45,000 children have been hospitalized with Covid-19 since this time last year.

CDC statistics as of Tuesday, in the preceding week, an average of 192 children with Covid-19 were admitted to US hospitals every day.
The number of daily new hospitalizations among Covid-19 patients aged 0 to 17 is up 45.7 percent from the previous week.

While adults argue whether or not to require school masks and whether or not to vaccinate older children, the now dominant Delta strain continues to target the unvaccinated, including those vaccinations are not given to youngsters who are too young to receive them.

Doctors say protecting children against the Delta variation is critical not only to retain in-person learning and safeguard their health but also to help avoid the emergence of other more aggressive versions.
Infections with Covid-19 in children are on the rise, as are hospitalizations.
Since the previous school year, a more infectious variation, Alpha, has been supplanted as the dominant coronavirus strain in the United States by an even more contagious version, Delta.
According to the CDC, the Delta variety is as infectious as chickenpox. Delta went from 3 percent to over 93 percent of sequenced coronavirus samples in the US in only two months, according to the CDC.
The American Academy of Pediatrics reported an 84 percent rise in new Covid-19 cases among youngsters in only one week.

According to the AAP, the 71,726 new pediatric cases recorded from July 22 to 29 represented a “significant rise” over the previous week’s 39,000 new cases among children.
It’s not just children with preexisting illnesses who are being admitted to hospitals as the number of pediatric Covid-19 admissions rises.
According to CDC statistics from almost 100 US counties, nearly half of children hospitalized with Covid-19 between March 2020 and June 2021 had no known underlying illness.

Children’s fatalities with Covid-19 should not be overlooked, according to the CDC’s director.

Although children are considerably less likely than adults to die from Covid-19, the number of deaths is still substantial, according to CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky.
According to the National Center for Health Statistics, at least 416 children aged 0 to 18 have died as a result of Covid-19.
In July, Walensky remarked, “I think we get into this erroneous mindset of stating that just 400 of these 600,000 fatalities from Covid-19 have been in children.”
“Death is not something that is intended to happen to children. As a result, 400 is a large sum.”

The number of Covid-19 fatalities among children is more than double the number of pediatric flu deaths recorded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) during 2019 and The flu season of 2020 will be one of the deadliest since 2010.


Because many children are vaccinated against other diseases, Covid-19 is deadlier for children than other infectious diseases, according to Professor of pediatrics at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, James Campbell.
In the United States, there are no cases of polio or measles. “Diphtheria isn’t killing people,”

However, millions of youngsters aged 12 to 17 have not received the Covid-19 vaccination.
And it might be many months before Georgia, Rebecca Calloway’s 7-year-old daughter, is one of the thousands of young children who are testing different doses of the Covid-19 vaccination to ensure that it is safe and effective before it is approved. vaccination for children under the age of 12 is approved. Georgia was recruited in the pediatric vaccination study in part because Calloway recently lost her 3-year-old daughter to another unexpected condition, Type 1 diabetes, and she doesn’t want any Covid-19 is causing more families to lose a child.

While Covid-19 and Type 1 diabetes fatalities in children are uncommon, “you don’t want to be that statistic,” Calloway said.


It’s essential to keep kids at school in person by protecting them from Covid-19.


The CDC now recommends that children in kindergarten through grade 12 wear masks at school, as well as instructors and guests, due to the extremely infectious Delta strain. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, everyone above the age of two should wear a mask to school.
Our children require full-time, in-person education in a secure setting that includes preventative measures. This involves disguising for all students in schools “According to Walensky.

For the first time in a year, some pupils are returning to school. However, infection or epidemic can swiftly disrupt long-awaited classroom instruction. After nine students and five staff members at Drew Charter School in Atlanta tested positive for the virus, more than 100 students were placed in isolation. And Covid-19 doesn’t need much to shut down a school once more. Even a single incident can have repercussions for students, professors, and staff.

“We need grownups to govern schools, according to Carlee Simon, the administrator of Alachua County Public Schools in Florida.”

“I don’t have anybody to give instructions to if my adults get sick or need to quarantine.”

The school board agreed to enforce face masks for the first two weeks of school, but Florida’s governor has outlawed mask mandates and threatens to cut funds to institutions that do.

The superintendent is concerned about this.
“Families that refuse to allow their children to wear masks are not just increasing the chance of their being imprisoned.,” Simon explained.”They will also have other children who did not have masks on who would need to be confined” if a student becomes infected.
“Everyone wants to make progress. Nobody wants to wear masks all the time “Simon said. Even so, we’d like to be able to maintain security while still having instructional time with our students,” the organization stated.
The CDC advises stacking other methods like increased ventilation, physical separation, and screening tests in addition to masks in schools.

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