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10 natural tips to permanently get rid of cockroaches?

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1- Diatomaceous earth

Powder very effective against insects it can also help to eradicate cockroaches. Sprinkle it on the places where pests pass by making small piles every 10/15 cm. add sugar on top.


2-baking soda and sugar

To scare away cockroaches naturally you can try a mixture of baking soda and sugar. Mix a glass of baking soda with a glass of powdered sugar. Place everything in small plates to be placed along the walls of damp rooms and especially in hot places. The cockroaches will be attracted to the sugar and at the same time will drink the baking soda which ends up killing them.

3- Lavender essential oil
Soak cotton pieces with lavender essential oil and arrange them all over the place. Lavender is an excellent repellant.

4- Sticky cockroach traps
There are sticky cockroach traps that you can buy right in the store. Place them under your sinks, along baseboards, and in corners to capture them. Do not hesitate to distribute more than ten at once in your home.

5- Water leaks
Cockroaches especially like damp places, so make sure you don’t have any water leaks at the source of your faucets that might attract them.

6- Sweet boric acid with a tablespoon of acid and distribute the mixture in several ramekins. Do not hesitate to repeat the operation after three weeks to be sure to exterminate all the insects.

7- Wine
Yes, you read that right, wine can help fight cockroaches. Fill a few jars or glasses halfway up with sweet wine, preferably. place them in cockroach-infested corners of your home. Cockroaches will normally climb the walls to enter the glass attracted by the sugar. They won’t be able to get out.

8- White vinegar
Spray a little white vinegar on the baseboards, the bottom of the walls, under the furniture, and the sink to avoid a possible infestation of cockroaches. The smell drives them away naturally.

9-Eucalyptus essential oil & Lemon
If you’ve only spotted a few cockroaches, you can soak handkerchiefs in eucalyptus essential oil and spread them all over the place to scare them away.

10 natural tips to permanently get rid of cockroaches


10- Thoroughly clean the kitchen
These insects like leftover food. Polish your kitchen thoroughly and get rid of any remaining breadcrumbs. Worktops, credenza … everything must be perfect when trying to get rid of cockroaches. Remember to take out the trash very regularly.


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